Grand Master Kiichi Nakamoto (1931)

NakamotoGrand Master Nakamoto is one of the first Okinawan to be recognized as 10th Degree Karate Master by the Japanese Government, is a 10th Degree Hanshi of Ryukyu Kobujutsu (Weaponry), a 10th Degree Hanshi of Gojuryu Karate, and was one of the last formal students of Chojun Miyagi, the founder of Gojuryu Karate.

  • A lifetime of devoted service in the Martial Arts, since at age 6
  • He is revered as one of the finest weapons and karate Grand Masters in Okinawa
  • He is a direct descendant of the great Uhugusuku Samurai Family, the personal bodyguards of the Okinawa Kings and in charge of security for the Shuri Castle
  • Personal student of the great Kina, Shosei Weapons Grand Master, the successor to the Uhugusuku Samurai Family Weaponry System
  • Personal student of Chojun Miyagi, founder of Goju ryu Karate
  • 10th Degree Grand Master of Weaponry
  • 10th Degree Grand Master, Goju ryu Karate
  • 10th Degree Karate-Do, All Japan Dojo Federation
  • Laido Grand Master (Samurai sword)
  • President of the "Ryukyu Dento Kobujutsu Hozon Budo Kyokai", Ryukyu Weapons Society
  • President of the Okinawa-Kan
  • Owner of 28 Martial Art schools in Japan and 8 in Okinawa