Shihan S.Sivaraja

Kyoshi Jaime PalmaWelcome to the official website of Goju Ryu Okinawakan Karate Do Kyokai India. This organization was founded by Shihan S.Sivaraja in the year 2010 as a nonprofit organization for the development of Goju Ryu karate and it is devoted to provide structured, disciplined and high quality training in Traditional Okinawan Karate at an affordable cost.

Goju Ryu Okinawakan Karate Do Kyokai India is affiliated to All India Karate Do Federation (National governing Body for karate in India) and it is also recognized by Indian Olympic Association, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and Government of India. This organization is one of the fastest growing and a well-known Goju ryu karate Organization with most popular and best in class Karate trainers in the country.

As an organization, it aims to develop and spread the highest knowledge in traditional Goju Ryu Okinawa karate and Modern karate in India. We also encourage other Indian karate-ka to join this well reputed and democratic karate Goju Ryu Organization to spread the art and knowledge of Karate.

The founder of this organization, Shihan Sivaraja began the Indian traditional martial arts training at early stage of his schooling. During his training period he was disciple to many well know Indian Masters in various Karate styles like Shotokan, Shitoryu, Isshin Ryu & Goju Ryu. Among the various styles he was impressed by the traditional Goju Ryu Karate and started to follow and teach this form of art. He was honored to represent World Okinawakan Karate and Kobudo Association in India. He is currently holding the position of President along with Chief Technical Director positions at this Karate Do.

To fulfill his zeal to acquire the right form of tradition Okinawan Karate, Shihan Sivaraja under took direct training from the following international Masters:-

Jan 2006 to Nov 2009

Under took training in Goju Ryu and modern Karata from Shihan Tekeshi Fukushi (Seigokai Brazil)

Feb 2010 to till date

Currently taking training in traditional Goju Ryu from Master Hanshi Jamie Pereira (Portugal). Hanshi Jamie Pereira 9th Dan is one of the direct students of Eiichi Miyazato and Kiichi Nakamoto and he is well known personality in the field of traditional Goju Ryu Karate.

May 2012 – Training at Okinawa (Japan)

In the year 2012, Shihan Sivaraja visited the Okinawakan Goju Ryu Head Quarters at Okinawa Japan and was trained by world best and senior most masters in Goju Ryu style like:-

  • *Hanshi Kiichi Nakamoto, 10th DAN (Direct Student of Chojun Miyagi)
  • *Hanshi Kideyuki Nakamoto 9th DAN,
  • *Kyoshi KazuhiroKohama 8th DAN,
  • *Kyoshi Zaha Masanori 8th DAN, and
  • *Kyoshi Ganeko 7th DAN.

Shihan Sivaraja is the only direct follower of Hanshi Kiichi Nakamoto in India. He has also conducted the following International seminars in India by inviting international senior masters:-

  • *Seigokai Seminar – 2009 – Chennai
  • *Okinawakan Seminar – 2011 – Chennai & Nagercoil
  • *Okinawakan Seminar - 2013 – Chennai &Coimbatore
  • *Okinawakan Seminar – 2014 – Coimbatore
  • *Okinawakan Seminar – 2015 – Chennai & Coimbatore
  • *Okinawakan Seminar – 2016 – Nagercoil & Coimbatore
  • *Oinawakan Seminar – 2017 - Nagercoil & Coimbatore